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Car seats, strollers, and other equipment must be in safe working condition.  If you are including an owner’s manual please attach it to the item. Car seats must be less than 5 years old otherwise they are considered expired and by law can’t be sold.  


All items must be clean and stain free.  We will pull items from floor that are damaged and will keep them in a box for you to pick up.  Please check with an ETC Sale Manager for this box and check to see if you have items in it.  If items are not claimed by the end of the bag sale, they will be donated along with any remaining items after the sale.  It is your responsibility to pull your items that have not sold during the public sale, otherwise they will be offered at the $5 bag sale and then donated to charity.


The Following Items Are Not Accepted At The Sale:

  • Underwear
  • Bras
  • Used or opened feeding items such as mesh feeders, formula, etc.  (Bottles and sippy cups are allowed)
  • Used or opened pacifiers and teething toys
  • Plush toys, stuffed animals, dolls, etc (because we are no longer able to donate plush items that do not sell)



All clothing (except onesies and socks) must be on entirely plastic hangers.  If you use wire hangers (or hangers with a metal top) your items will need to be placed onto plastic hangers.  You will not get your exact hangers back after the sale so please do not buy new hangers, many local businesses offer hangers for free.  The ETC Sale Manager will provide more information on how to get plastic hangers closer to the sale date. Keep all your clothing items to hang in order by size in bundles so that you can easily display them on the appropriate racks based on size. Onesies and socks should be bundled and be placed in Ziploc bags.  


Shoes should be clean and have minimal wear. 

Clothing should not be stained and should have no holes.


Toys and Equipment

We cannot sell puzzles with missing pieces.  All toys and equipment should be cleaned prior to selling.  Provide batteries with items requiring them.  If the toy or equipment does not work with a battery, please mention this on the price tag.


Once you have created your price tags you can click on the print tags link and follow the directions to print out your tags.  You must have Adobe Acrobat on your computer in order to print out the tags.  The tags need to be printed out on WHITE CARDSTOCK ONLY. The cardstock should be 60-67 lb weight.  The tags print out 8 to a page. You can create 8 tags and immediately print them.  Or save them as a PDF and print later. 



Price tags can be attached via tagging gun, string, or safety pins.  If you use a tagging gun please tag the item through the label or through a seam.  If you attach the price tags through the front or back of the clothing it will leave a hole. 


Onesies and socks can be placed in Ziploc bags.  Please secure the top of the bag with tape.  The price tag can then be taped to the front of the bag; tape only across the top half of the tag, so the scanner can read the bottom half of the tag.


Toys and Equipment

The best way to attach the price tag to toys / equipment is to tape the tag to the item.  Remember to only tape the top half of the tag so the scanner can easily read the bottom half.  Board puzzles are best sold using clear plastic wrap to hold the pieces onto the board. Then tape the tag to the outside of the plastic wrap.  For toys with small pieces use Ziploc bags and place the price tag on the outside of the bag.


DO NOT put tape over the bar code section of the tag and do not use a highlighter anywhere on the lower half of the tag.  You cannot change the price of an item once the tag is created. Price your items to sell.  



There is a $10 fee to sign up to sell at the sale.  CCPOM keeps a portion of the proceeds from all items sold. All members and non-members who are selling must work a minimum of one shift to obtain 80% of the proceeds from the sale of your items.  If you choose to sell and not work a volunteer shift, you will only receive 60% of the proceeds from your items sold.  You have the opportunity to work up to two shifts to earn 85% of your proceeds (which is the maximum allowed if not a sale manager).  If you are late or leave early from your shift and do not make other arrangements with the scheduling manager, your percentage of pay will be reduced.  Managers receive 90% of their proceeds.  



IMPORTANT: If you want your spouse or partner to work a shift at the same time as you do so you can get the extra commission, your spouse or partner will have to register with the sale as a volunteer.  The software will not let one person sign up for 2 shifts at the same time.  It is your responsibility to check in and out at the designated location at the beginning and end of your shift to receive credit.   If you show up late or leave early for your shift without making arrangements with the scheduling manager, then your proceeds will be reduced.  The reduction will be determined by the sale committee after reviewing how long you actually worked your shift.  There are no exceptions to this rule!



Items can be dropped off from 1:00pm - 5:00pm

THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS! All items must be displayed by 5PM (e.g. either hung on racks or placed on tables). You are responsible for unloading and displaying your own items. It will take longer than you think to unload items, please allow plenty of time. Note that this time has changed. If you know you cannot unload and organize your items by the 5PM deadline, please e-mail ASAP.


Once your items enter the Facility parking lot, you are no longer able to sell any items other than at the sale. You are prohibited from making “side” sales to individuals in the parking lot or inside the building prior to or during the sale.  Anyone caught making “side” sales will be asked to remove all their items from the sale floor and will be banned from selling at the sale.


It is your responsibility to remove any crates, plastic bags, etc. that you use to transport your items.  Please be courteous to the sale volunteers, the ETC Committee is not responsible for disposing your trash.





Pick up any unsold items based upon the “Pick Up Items” time frame listed on My Consignment Manager.  You may wish to mark your hangers with some distinguishing mark to easily identify your clothes.  A ribbon or colored piece of tape works well.  It is the participant’s responsibility to pick up their items.  Items not picked up by 1:15 pm will be donated to the Bag Sale or charity. Please also make sure you check the “pulled items” box (see an ETC Sale Manager) as we will pull items like bras / underwear or damaged items and will place them in this box.  If they aren’t picked up by 1:15pm they will be donated.



How Do I Get Paid?

Checks for all proceeds will be mailed out approximately 2 to 4 weeks after the sale.  Your registration fee plus a fee of $1 to mail your check will be deducted from your proceeds to cover the cost of mailing.  Checks for all proceeds must be cashed by July 31st.


Additional Information:

For any questions, email



These rules/regulations were set up to keep the sale running smoothly.  If the rules/regulations are repeatedly not followed ETC Chairs reserve the right to ask the offender to leave the sale and/or ask the Executive Committee to resolve the situation.